Shoe Repair

Ladies High Heels - spike heels, sole guard, heel caps, etc.

Work Boots - new soles, new heels, eyelet replacement, stitching, clean and conditioning, etc.

Cowboy Boots - rubber and leather sole replacement options, clean and condition, stitching, heel replacement, etc.

Dress Shoes - upgrade to rubber and leather sole options, clean and condition, polish and shine, stitching, etc.

Stretching - We can stretch your shoes in the width, height, length, and leg.

We can also re-lace your baseball glove, repair or replace zippers, refinish and condition your leather coats, and much more!

Saddle and Tack Repair

Saddle cleaning, conditioning, and minor repair. 


We can make your ideas come to life with custom etching, letter stamping, and custom fit cases for all kinds of tools, phones, and knives. Come in today to get started!