About Us

I grew up loving the smell of leather. As a child I loved the feel of a new hide on my bare feet. Some of my most fond memories as a kid were in my parents shoe repair shop. To this day the smell of Kiwi polish and Fiebings dye take me back! I ride a 1989 Harley-Davidson Sportster, (1200 for those of you who care) and graduated from Linn State Technical College with a degree in Powersports Technology (fancy-talk for bike mechanic). I worked as a foreman on a produce farm for 3 seasons. Upon getting married, my parents and I reopened Saleigh Mountain Co. where I'm now apprenticing with them. Mom, being the leather-work expert, and Pop, being my shoe repair guru. The shop enables me to keep my kids with me while at work.  -Molly Monahan














I began doing small leather projects at the age of 13. We had horses and when you have “stuff” it breaks. It was a natural step for me to just fix things; bridles, saddles, etc. At 17 I was fortunate to apprentice with a man whose grandfather had been a carriage maker in San Francisco. I sold my wares on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, and Wharf St. in San Francisco. I moved back to a Missouri farm in 1975. There have been a lot of changes in my life. Four children and 40 years later I'm still hooked on this craft. I love leather as a medium, it looks good, it's strong and versatile, leather shoes breathe, and nothing smells quite like a cobbler shop. -Sally Borzillo